Rick Wilson aka CorpRebel

I’m a transplant from Southern California to Newport, Rhode Island. Also known online as CorpRebel, I last worked for someone else (a “corporate entity”) in 1997. Now you know where the handle “CorpRebel” (short for corporate rebel) came from. I DO tend to have a bit of a “rebel” streak in me. LOL

I’m an Internet Marketer with a main emphasis on Affiliate Marketing in multiple niches since about 2000. I have also been know to dabble in the “dark side” known as “Day Trading” during the weekday morning hours for kicks.

Topics I go on about at eBiz Rantz And Ravez include just about anything regarding Internet marketing stuff. AND I like to rant occasionally about various things pertaining to the Internet Marketing world. And YES … there will also be some plugs for products and services that I regard as worthwhile to at least check out! 😉

You can contact me at: ItsRickWilson (AT) Gmail.com

Happy Marketing!

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